"Do you experience some difficult, interesting, hard, strange ... moments ? We'd be happy to accompany you for more authenticity, collaboration and success in the (business) world."

But was it difficult? interesting? hard ? strange? Those are all assumptions, different point of views.


We truly believe that being aware of our possibilities, having pleasure in life and saying yes to our true choices leads us to a richer life.

It has a positive impact on our direct environment (social, familial and professional)…. And through this, we contribute to a better world.

How & What

First we collaborate to find the best ways … to your success!

We offer coaching and facilitation.

At capyways, we believe in business simulation. Especially when it is a dynamic learning activity in and between small teams, that invites meaningful dialogue and builds teamwork


Do the twist

or how a virtual team, based in different countries, with different cultures and languages, became an efficient team.