Do the twist

or how a virtual team, based in different countries, with different cultures and languages, became an efficient team. 

Baxter is one of the world’s major pharmaceutical and medical technologies industries. With head office at Deerfield, Illinois (USA), 14,19 billions $ of turnover in 2012, 49.700 employees, the group operates in 62 countries. 70% of its sales are made thanks to some leader references in the market, result of continuous research and development.

In 2013,  the R&D team was facing a restructuring phase. Some team members, who had experienced previous restructuring, carried negative messages. I was convinced that better communication, more transparency, understanding and empathy would be beneficial for each of us.  And building a strong department would substantially contribute to the mission and future of Baxter.

I asked capyways to help me achieve this goal with its ‘greytogreen’ learning approach. We organized workshops on 3 sites: Belgium, Italy and USA.  The greytogreen approach was applied to 15 of our daily challenges. The workshops brought back serenity. They helped at putting things flat, solving most of the challenges and creating team cohesion.

In 2014, other workshops has been organised in Belgium, Italy and Sweden to integrate new colleagues.

This summer, 19 people based in China joined in this methodology and were able to share, discuss and solve their daily challenges.

Today there is a better working relationship and the members support each other when facing new challenges. The teams now have a common language. They learned more about themselves, to dissect unsatisfied situations and to act both individually and collectively.

We have all learned to think and act differently.

To become ONE R&D worldwide agile team.

Baxter R&D Europe sprl

Eric Hénaut
Director, Medical Products R&D – Global Container Function
Baxter R&D Europe sprl