NEW : DiSC® in-house workshops

understand your preferred behavioral style and those of others to better communicate

What is my DiSC profile? And those of my colleagues? What do I fear?DiSC2
How  do I react in conflict situations?
How can  adapt my style to the others? 

How can I improve communication?

More info: Leaflet in English.

Workshop form 4 hours to 2 days in French, English, Dutch or bilingual.

It all starts with an assessment. Depending on the context, different reports are available in different languages.

Click here for an example of a classic Disc2.0 report.

For a customized workshop , please contact Natacha Van der Eecken



stimulate and re-awaken the intrinsic motivation in people.

What are my automatic pilot reactions?
How can I act consciously?
How can I deal with a current situation in a more constructive way?

How to twist?

When I came to the workshop, I was deeply on the grey side of life, and I left with a clear idea of how to reach the green side.
Now I know that I am able to change a lot of things in my life.”

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2 workshops :

  • greytogreen™ – choices & result – leaflets : FR & EN & DU
  • greytogreen™ – pure motivation – leaflets : FR & EN


“discover the world of finance in a fun and visual way !”

what does ROE, profitability, solvency, market share, …  really mean ?
how can I understand the language of my account or financial director ?

The workmap makes finance visual, touchable and less abstract.
It was fun to play with figures and see the impact of management decisions on balance sheets and financial indicators.

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3 versions for 3 different needs

  • 4 hours – Balinca Intro™ Company Finance – Leaflets :  FR  &  EN
  • 1 day – Balinca™  Financial Awareness – Leaflets :  FR  &  EN
  • 2 days -Balinca Plus™  Financial Awareness and Business Experience – Leaflets : FR & EN


For a tailor made version , please contact Natacha Van der Eecken